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Music portal with an extensive and diverse music database. Unlike other websites, we do not just put the songs in a general catalog, but combine them into a selection, compile hit lists, sort by parameters and offer recommendations for mp3 download. Enjoy with us.


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Search form

Search by artist and song title. The search term must be less than 4 characters long. If the search did not produce any results and you know the exact name of the artist, you can use the alphabetical navigation to display a list of all songs by that artist.


Only new songs are published in this section. It is continuously updated several times a day. There is an option to conveniently sort by language.


Choose your favorite genre and listen to the songs without interruption. You can sort the tracks by novelty and popularity.


All selections are grouped by categories and themes. In each section, you will find a playlist that corresponds to that section. Start with the one you like and create your own mood.

Hit Parades

The best songs in the charts are displayed by views, ratings and time intervals.


When you listen to a track, search for an artist or browse tabs, our system automatically detects your preferences and offers you recommended tracks.


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